🎮 Projects

Creativity is another facet of my personality that I hold dear. I have authored an award-winning crime novel and produced an award-winning short film. I designed a 3D game, a VR experience, and I engage in reflective writing for Medium.

Award -Winning Short Film

Produced a film awarded in Cannes and IFFNY (2017)

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Award-Winning Book

My book was awarded a Silver Falchion Award by Killer Nashville (2015)

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Medium Writing

I continuously engage in writing about product management on Medium (ongoing)

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VR Experience "TPVR"

Exlporing behavior forecasting errors in VR (2019)

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3D Unity Game "Death Maze"

Designed and coded out
a game based on the "The Shining" (2018)

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Photo Booth Animation

Created an Adobe Animate animation (2017)

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