Leading Innovation at Playbook Technologies: A Journey of Growth and Impact

Leading Innovation at Playbook Technologies: A Journey of Growth and Impact

Stepping into Playbook Technologies as its inaugural Product Manager was both an honor and a challenge. Entrusted with the dual responsibility of overseeing the Consumer (B2C) and Creator (B2B2C) apps, my journey swiftly transitioned to Head of Product. This elevation expanded my purview to also managing the dynamic QA and Support Teams.

At Playbook, I championed the cause of user research, pioneering multiple initiatives that illuminated the path for management. These endeavors enhanced our Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and significantly boosted our conversion rates. My hands-on approach to these research projects deepened my understanding of user advocacy. The weekly interactions with our customers fostered invaluable relationships, offering insights into their aspirations and pain points. Leading the Support team further enriched this understanding, revealing user frustrations and guiding documentation strategies for support and marketing realms.

Our agile approach, characterized by weekly deployments, enabled the rollout of numerous high-impact features. While I'm bound by confidentiality regarding specific internal data, I take immense pride in revealing that our conversion rates skyrocketed 10X under the research discovery initiatives I spearheaded. My collaboration with the marketing team was instrumental in orchestrating campaigns resonating with our creator and consumer segments. A testament to our collaborative efforts can be found in the consumer and creator-centric articles I wrote, which include, but are not limited to:

After releasing new features we would frequently receive a stream of reviews like this one:

As Playbook's horizon expanded, we welcomed more Product Managers into our fold. This allowed me to channel my energies into the Consumer App, leading a formidable team of 12 engineers. Our synergistic efforts bore fruit, elevating our app store rating from 4.7/5 to an impressive 4.9/5. The surge in positive reviews, now 18K, propelled us to the pinnacle of app store rankings. Our close-knit collaboration with the Support team was pivotal in empowering users with self-service tools, as evidenced by glowing reviews like:

As the sands of time-shifted, and after spearheading numerous successful endeavors at Playbook, my passion veered towards conversational AI. This newfound interest, kindled by my continuous engagement with the support team, led me to seek avenues that could redefine user support. After ensuring a seamless transition by training a worthy successor, I embarked on a new adventure with Pypestream. Reflecting on my time at Playbook, the gratitude and appreciation I continue to receive from former colleagues is both humbling and heartwarming. Their acknowledgments for mentorship and guidance are the actual badges of my success.

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