Co-Founding & Leading LiveRoom Media

Co-Founding & Leading LiveRoom Media

In the heart of 2020, as the world grappled with an unprecedented pandemic, the vibrant streets of NYC fell silent. Once the lifeblood of the city's nightlife, my musician friends confided in me about the challenges they faced in earning a livelihood from live performances. Their struggles resonated deeply with me, and with my innate product manager instincts, I knew I had to act.

I rallied a dream team: Klementyna Bohdanowicz, a maestro in both music and marketing; Konrad Krawczyk, a nimble full-stack developer; and Sara Bruszt, a visionary Product Designer. Together, we embarked on a mission to understand the pain points of US-based indie musicians. Through in-depth discovery sessions, a consistent narrative emerged: the struggle to monetize online performances amidst platforms that lacked the necessary features.

Recognizing this gap, we envisioned LiveRoom - a platform tailored for independent musicians to monetize their talent and foster a genuine connection with their fans.

Our launch strategy was audacious. We orchestrated a 2-day remote technology and music summit, Future Tech Festival, bringing together luminaries from leading companies like Amazon, IBM, Facebook, and more. This summit was not just a conference; it was the grand debut of LiveRoom. The result? Overwhelming buzz, rave reviews, and artists earning over $75 for a mere 30-minute performance. You can watch the highlights here.

Our journey post-launch was nothing short of meteoric. We amplified our artist base, skyrocketed their average earnings, and obtained some angel investment. Our accolades included becoming finalists in Columbia University’s Greater Good (Pitching) Challenge and being inducted into the prestigious Columbia Startup Lab incubator. With the invaluable support from partners like AWS, we fortified our platform's infrastructure, expanding our team with top-tier talent.

However, as the world began to heal and the pandemic's grip loosened, the digital realm that had once been a refuge started to wane in appeal. LiveRoom, built on the foundation of streaming, faced an inevitable challenge. But true to our ethos, we chose to bow out gracefully, ensuring every stakeholder was taken care of.

Key Takeaways from Our Odyssey:

  • We crafted a solution that was the need of the hour, aiding countless musicians during a global crisis.

  • Our product was cherished, and the love we received was unparalleled.

  • We steered clear of the "sunk cost fallacy," staying true to our vision till the end.

  • Our unwavering commitment was to uplift musicians, and we did just that.

  • The gratitude we continue to receive from artists and fans alike is a testament to our impact.

  • While not every startup scales the heights of success, the lessons I've imbibed as a product manager are priceless. The camaraderie, the challenges, and the triumphs under pandemic constraints were transformative.

In reflection, LiveRoom was more than a business; it was a beacon of hope during tumultuous times. And while our chapter may have concluded, the melodies of our journey will forever echo in the hearts of those we touched.

You can watch some of our performances and how-to videos below or on the LiveRoom Media YouTube channel ⬇️

More Information about LiveRoom Media can be found online:

A screenshot from a call when we were starting off ⬆️ 💜

And a screenshot from a call when our team expanded ⬆️ 💜

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